Welcome! My name is Ray Marron. I do healthcare software implementations for a living, and was a professional software developer for over 15 years. I have been writing code since the early 1980s. I still get to do some coding as part of my job and for fun after work, of course. I live and work in the Metro Phoenix area of Arizona in the United States.

This website is a repository for my freeware, tools, and sample source code. Here is a quick guide to the various areas on this site, reachable via the links in the menu:

Contact and employment information.
My free utilities for working with HL7 data. Includes a viewer/editor, a transmitter/receiver, and scripting & analysis tools.
Hostess is a freeware program I wrote to manage and maintain the HOSTS file on a Windows system for the purpose of blocking ads.
Here you'll find all kinds of handy freeware utilities, tools, and Delphi programming examples. All of these projects come with source code.
Clipper & FiveWin
I did a lot of development with Clipper and FiveWin in the 1990's. Here you'll find a number of free tools for working with DBF files and an extensive code library.
Ahh... the good old days. :) An early code library and some games from before I did this stuff for a living.
PostgreSQL is my RDBMS of choice. This section contains examples and tips for using the database.
I'm not in front of a computer all the time!
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