I did quite a bit of work using Clipper and FiveWin (an add-on library for Clipper to make Windows GUI programs) in the 90s and early 2000s. I have built a large collection of library code and utilities for working with DBF files. I've moved away from this over the past decades and have decided to make pretty much all of it available.

These programs were all created using Clipper 5.2e, FiveWin 1.92, and Comix 3.00.09 in various combinations. The rmake scripts and link files are made for use with Blinker. All of the zip files contain the program binaries and source code, but rarely documentation :). If you have any questions send me an email and I'll do my best to answer them.

Keep in mind that these are 16-bit programs. They can act a little flaky on XP and up, and won't run at all on a 64-bit OS. Seemingly randomly (and almost always immediately upon starting) you may see a "memory low" error. Just restart the program and it will probably go away.

ctl3d.dll and bwcc.dll
The Windows programs on this page generally require these two dlls. I have made them available separately rather than duplicate them in each of the other zip files. You can either install them into your system directory or put them in the application folder.
55K, added 2005-10-07
This is a library of fixes and improvements for FiveWin 1.92. Little changes to classes and fixes for things like memory leaks present in the original release.
116K, added 2005-10-07
My personal library stuffed full of useful functions created over the years. Pretty much every program on this page requires this library. It can be built for use with FiveWin or for plain old DOS Clipper - see GO.BAT and DGO.BAT for details. Includes comprehensive documentation.
177K, updated 2008-04-16
A handy little calculator utility for doing date math.
295K, added 2005-10-07
All my late work with Clipper was doing conversions to other database formats. This command line utility will dump a dbf into a csv file. It includes multiple RDD support, a configurable date format and lots of options for exporting memo fields.
281K, updated 2008-02-29
A free utility to repair damaged DBF and memo files down at the byte level. This one actually has instructions (readme.txt)! I added a console version of the program because the FiveWin one generally runs so poorly on XP and later. The files that start with "CL" (Command Line) belong to the console project.
732K, updated 2007-01-14
DBMaster was originally designed to be a data-dictionary/dbf structure utility but grew to be the place where I put all the other little functions that seemed too small to have their own separate executable. Tons of handy stuff for working with DBF, TXT and PRG files.
437K, updated 2007-06-18
I recently dug up this old project I had created with a friend for generating random terrain maps for tabletop gaming. Given a directory full of bitmap "tiles", it creates a map of the desired size by randomly combining the tiles in various states of rotation and flop. It includes scratch-built code for loading, manipulating and combining 4-bit, 8-bit and 24-bit bitmaps. Includes sample tilesets.
390K, added 2008-01-18
A database browser along the lines of DBU, but in an MDI GUI interface with lots of extras. This was created by me for me, so there isn't any external documentation, but if you've been working with DBFs for a while, you should recognize most options. For those features you can't figure out, check the source code then send me an email if you're still unsure. This program can be associated with DBF files to open them automatically when you double-click them in explorer.
515K, added 2005-10-07


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