Bad Hosts

The Bad Hosts are the hosts that you wish to block in your HOSTS file. On this screen you can view and edit these host entries. When the Host or Comment column is highlighted (by clicking on the title), you can type and your keystrokes will position the grid to the host whose name most closely matches what you typed. When the Groups title is highlighted, hosts are bunched by group. Keep in mind that the groups are shown in the order of their internal numeric identifiers. This won't necessarily be the same as alphabetical order unless you have used the Renumber Groups option. To view hosts for a specific group only, select the group on the main screen and do a search.

If you got to this screen from a search on the main screen, your search criteria will be shown in the window's title bar.

Edit Bad Host

The Add, Edit, and Delete buttons do exactly as you would expect. The Delete button will work with multiple hosts selected. When editing a host, you can edit the hostname, comment, or change its group assignment.

The Group button will let you reassign all of the currently selected hosts to a different group.

Hosts can be selected by highlighting with a single mouse click, Ctrl-clicking to select multiple hosts, using the spacebar, or by using the Select button. You can tell a host is selected when it is highlighted and a small dot appears in the left margin of the grid.

The Select button brings up a screen similar to the edit screen, but is used to enter search criteria, much like using the search buttons on the main screen. The hosts that match your criteria are selected for use with the Group or Delete button. The All and None buttons select all hosts or clear all selections, respectively.

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