Groups are used to logically associate Bad Hosts. Bad hosts in a group share certain options and can be exported together.

The main group screen lists the existing groups in alphabetical order. Here you can Add, Edit, or Delete groups. If you delete a group that still contains hosts, you will be prompted to first move those hosts to a different group or be given the opportunity to cancel.

The Cleanup option deletes any unused groups - those that do not have any hosts assigned to them.

The Renumber option changes the groups' internal identifiers so that when you sort by the Group column on the Bad Hosts grid, the groups will appear in alphabetical order. This option may take a minute or so to complete since it has to touch every Group and Bad Host record.

Edit Group

Adding or editing a group allows you to set its Group Name. Here you may also choose to include the group's hosts when creating a Restricted Zone Registry File. When selected for inclusion in a registry file, [R] is shown after the group description.

Another option is to exclude the group's hosts from being included in the HOSTS file. This option is indicated by an [X] after the group description. This option comes in handy where there are some hosts that you do not wish to block, but continue to appear in files you download from the Internet and import. Hosts that belong to an [X] group are never moved to another group as part of an import unless the new group is also an [X] group.

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