Preferences is where program-wide options are set.

This is the filename of your system's actual HOSTS file. This should be set automatically by Hostess, but can be changed if needed.
Bad Hosts IP address
This the IP address that will be used in the HOSTS file for all of the Bad Hosts that are to be blocked. This defaults to
Text Editor
This is the text editor that will be used to view all text files generated by Hostess. This defaults to whatever is currently associated with .txt files on your system, most likely notepad.exe.
Action to perform after Write HOSTS
This is an arbitrary command that you can have run after performing a Write HOSTS. If you are maintaining a master HOSTS file for a number of other systems, you can use this command to launch a program to copy your HOSTS file to the other systems. If your command contains the text %hosts%, it will be replaced by the actual current HOSTS filename. If your HOSTS file is currently disabled, the renamed filename will be used.
Plain Text Comment Indicator
Unlike the HOSTS file format where the pound sign (#) always indicates the start of a comment, plain text files have no hard and fast rules as to what character(s) to use -- it depends on what program the file is going to be used with. Enter the value here that will be used to locate and create comments in plain text format files. The default value is two asterisks (**). Other common comment indicators are the semicolon (;), double slash (//), and double dash (--).
New groups default to the Restricted Zone
If checked, new groups will by default be selected for inclusion in a Restricted Zone registry file.
Write HOSTS after adding a new host from the main window
If checked, a Write HOSTS will be performed after pressing the Add Host button on the main program window.
Clear main screen edits after adding a new host
If checked, the hostname and comment edits on the main window will be cleared after successfully adding a new host using the Add Host button.
Remember window states
If checked, Hostess will open in the same position it was left in the last time it was closed, and the Good Host and Bad Host browse screens will also remember their sizes and column arrangements between visits.
Delete saved window states
Press this button to delete any saved window settings and return all windows to their default sizes and positions.

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