The Export process takes the contents of your Hostess database and exports it as a text file. Various options determine the look of this file, some of which apply to the writing of the HOSTS file itself.

Export filename
Enter or select the file to write to.
Choose the format of the file being exported as HOSTS or Plain Text. The HOSTS format is the same as the HOSTS file itself, and a plain text export will have one hostname per line with any comments preceeded by the indicator defined in Preferences. Since plain text format files don't include IP addresses, only bad hosts are exported.
Groups to Export
This list is used to select which groups you want included in the export file. Use the All, None, Reverse, or Default buttons to quickly change your selections. The default button selects all groups that are not explicitly marked for exclusion from the HOSTS file. These groups appear with an [X] after their name.
Export group names as comments
Checking this option will export your hosts in group order, including a comment of the group name before the hosts. If it is not checked, hosts will instead be exported in alphabetical order.
Add Hostess-specific options, e.g. [RX]
If checked, Hostess group options such as being included in the Restricted Zone or excluded from the HOSTS file are added to the end of the group comment.
Export Good Hosts (always included in Write HOSTS)
Check this option to include your good hosts in the export file. When doing so, the good hosts appear at the top of the file and an entry for localhost is automatically included by Hostess as the first entry in the file. This option is always used when Write HOSTS is done, and ignored when exporting a plain text format file.
Export individual host comments
If checked, host comments will be included in the export as end-of-line comments, e.g. " example.com # This is a comment".
Create a backup copy (.bak)
If selected and the export file already exists, the exiting file will be renamed with an additional extension of .bak before the new export file is created. Old backups are overwritten. If the export is cancelled, this backup file will be restored.
View file in text editor when finished
If checked, the export file will be brought up in the preferred text editor when the export is complete.

Press the Export button to start the export once all options have been selected. The status of the export will appear near the Export button.

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